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Provides unique and individual web sites.
Production of web sites with
a relevant content.



I suppose you need
a website for your
- a website that is
not only beautiful...!

Niklas af Malmborg      


You need a website that will attract new customers, a website that will give you new contacts, and new ways to do business.

It does not matter if your company is producing items or service - a good website gives you many benefits.



You want to have a website to inspire confidence, among completely new customers  (all your existing customers know that you are reliable - the new customers know nothing about you).

More and more companies realize that the quality of the
content is the most important part of a website.

By time we also realise that a good website has a relevant content, with good texts and relevant images, rather than flashing images and technical gadgets.


A website with
relevant content is often more cost-efficient than advertisements in newspapers or a brochure/folder.
Why ?
Well, if you spend 2.000 Euros on developing a part of your website, this investment can work for years. This amount of money for advertisements in newspapers might be OK, but after a week, the paper is gone...

But - tell me:
what is a "good website"?

A purposeful website, with relevant content, explains:

what your company is producing
b/  why your company is
better than the others
c/  which way are you going, new products, what is happening
d/  The website makes the visitor so enthusiastic that she/he will contact you
A good website gives
answers to all the questions among the customers

     Some examples of customers / employers in Sweden and Denmark



Why engage Niklas af Malmborg
for a web-production ?

Niklas takes the responsibility for the hole "chain" in the web-production, all the way from planning / ideas, to development and updating.
Niklas knows from his own long experience, he is a educated journalist (in the eighties), and has several years of experience as a consultant: 30 years with writing / copywriter.

Niklas´ company,  has worked with production of websites since 1997. A website with relevant content can last for years !

Niklas af Malmborg  helps companies with:

  • 1/  Interwiews in your office / your company.

    Produce texts with the needs of your customer in the center.
    The website gets "explaning texts", describing complicated details for every reader.
  • 2/  Finds relevant images, takes new photos.
    It is important to find relevant images, not only the most "beautiful" images.

    3/  Niklas creates a userfriendly layout, easy to use for every visitor, for all your customers.
    All websites are available in every computer, both bigger and smaller computers.
  • 4/  Convenient META-code, SEO.
    It makes the website well presented in search-engines, like Google and others.

    Give us a call - and tell us about your company !

    Phone:   + 46 - 70 - 83 244 46

Video on the Web   

Delivering video via the Internet can be an efficient method of getting your message to your audience.
Adding video to your website can be an ideal way to demonstrate a new product or service, or to add a personal welcome to your customers.
Videos and films are published on both YouTube and Vimeo.
See some videos at

 Niklas af Malmborg, outside The Shard, London, 2015  Niklas af Malmborg,  Sweden

Lärkgatan 30, S-243 31 Höör, Sweden / Malmö / Skåne


Background, Niklas af Malmborg:

1997-2019:   Production of websites. Photography. Filmproduction.

1995-96:   Instructor of computer-courses (both on Mac OS and Windows) for private companies and universities (see separate description).
Writer and photographer for advertising.

1992-94:   Worked as teacher of editing and consultant at 8 different daily newspapers in Southern Sweden. Held courses in two different subjects:

1/ Basic editing, linguistic word-usuage, caption-setting and journalistic/news-reviewing.

2/ Computer layout (DTP - desktop publishing), mainly in the Quark XPress program on Mac OS.

1987-91:   Worked on production side in daily press and local radio. Five rewarding years - I worked with many different types of information-categories: editor, reporter, photographer and radioreporter. Have now altogether stopped working with this type of "critical" journalism.
  Journalist Education, a vocational training at Skurup´s Folkhögskola in Southern Sweden (with a yearly intake of 28 out of 500 applicants).

Courses at Lund University, Sweden, in political science, economics and geography.

Course in Global publicizing at Lundaforum, an educational firm in Lund, 1997. This course, combined with practical experience of websites and the Internet, give a good foundation for working with website-production.